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EU Parliament: plenary in Strasbourg on future of the Union, Brexit, “EU Cybersecurity Act”

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(Brussels) Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini will present his vision for the future of the EU in a debate at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on 12 March, the second day of the plenary session next week (11-14 March), within the framework of a series of debates promoted by the EP. Tuesday will also be the day when London will vote again on the EU’s Brexit deal. MEPs will discuss the outcome of that vote the following day, as well as “contingency plans to limit disruption” in key sectors (transport, travel, Erasmus, social security and fisheries) in case of a no-deal Brexit. The weekly agenda of the European Parliament also includes measures to counter “hostile propaganda” with a vote on a proposal to “introduce financial penalties for pan-European political parties and foundations that deliberately breach data protection laws”. Debate will then focus on the “security threats posed by the increase of China’s technological presence in the EU”: MEPs are due to vote on the “EU Cybersecurity Act”, which would introduce a certification scheme for “products, processes and services” and extend the mandate of the EU Cybersecurity Agency. MEPs will also vote on a resolution by the Foreign Affairs Committee for the introduction of further sanctions against Russia, should Russia continue to violate international law.

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