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European elections: Brussels, Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), 23-point programme. “For a fairer and more equal Europe”

(Brussels) “A fairer Europe for workers is possible, based on democracy and social justice, quality jobs and higher wages, a socially fair and just transitions to a low-carbon and digital economy”. This is what the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) wrote in its recently released “Programme for the 2019 European elections”, in which the ETUC presents its requests to the candidates running for the EP elections. The ETUC wants to make “the EU a better place”, “fairer” and with “more democracy”, something which can only be achieved through “stronger and more widespread collective bargaining”, “social dialogue and workers’ participation in every EU country”.  The ETUC calls on all people to “vote” for “parties and candidates that will support our trade union demands and create a better future for women and men, young people and elderly people in Europe”. The 23-point programme recalls that “the crisis has left deep scars on workers”: wages that are worth less today than a decade ago, and reduced public services and people’s rights. Many workers have not yet experienced any economic recovery and are “disillusioned”. The EU is now “facing a backlash against austerity and deregulation which made the crisis worse for workers, pensioners and young people”. And all this, according to the ETUC, has “fuelled the growth of nationalist, anti-European and far-right forces”.

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