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New Zealand mosque massacre: Mgr. Doran (Ireland), “unacceptable to speak and write in racist or sectarian terms against Muslims” as it is to do it against Christians

“All of us, of whatever religious tradition, can identify with what that might mean for a congregation gathered for worship” to be targeted in an attack like that in New Zealand. This is according to Mgr. Kevin Doran, Irish Bishop of Elphin and chair of the Council for Life of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference, who released a statement in the wake of the attack. “Deeply saddened” at the news, the Bishop maintains that the “responsibility” for this “savage attack” “clearly rests with some violent individuals”. “At another level”, however, there are “serious questions to be answered, including in our own society, by those who unjustly blame the entire Muslim community for the extremism of some”. According to the Bishop, “it is just as unacceptable to speak and write in racist or sectarian terms against Muslims as it is to speak and write in similar terms about Christians”. “May the merciful God gather to himself all who have died while at their Friday prayers and console those who have been hurt”, Mgr. Doran concluded, asking that “they be remembered in our Churches this weekend”.

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