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EU: “Retinopera” network, we want “a Europe of peoples, of citizens, of civil society”

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Six expectations for Europe and six corresponding recommendations to Italy are the backbone of the document “I 6 punti dell’Europa che vogliamo” (“the Europe we want in 6 points”). The document was presented today in Rome, in the run-up to the 26 May European elections, at the European Parliament Office in Italy, by “Retinopera”, a network bringing together Catholic organisations, in the presence of EP Vice-President David Sassoli; Beatrice Covassi, Head of the European Commission’s Representation in Italy; Gianfranco Cattai, coordinator at Retinopera; and representatives of different associations. The document is the result of a process the organizations belonging to the network have carried out in recent months, which led to the signing of a joint document ahead of the 26 May European elections. Indeed, several members of the network actually support, the institutional campaign launched to inform EU citizens and encourage a higher voter turnout. “We would like a more democratic management of European institutions”, a Europe with a “central focus on the peoples, citizens and civil society”, a Europe of “dignity and freedoms, in which European citizenship is exercised responsibly in the areas of participation, debate and information”, a Europe promoting “respect for human and social rights”, the first point reads. The corresponding recommendation “to ourselves and the Italian society” is to promote participation, accurate information, the visibility of intermediate bodies and the spirit of subsidiarity at all levels, starting with the role of the family.

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