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Brexit: who will go to hell, Tusk or Boris Johnson? British papers disagree

(London) “Let the European Union go to hell”, this is the answer of the extremely popular British newspaper “Sun”, with a circulation of nearly 1.5 million copies, to the words of Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, who said that hell will await the “inventors” of Brexit. The “Daily Mail” too, a newspaper that was against Brexit, unlike the “Sun”, criticises Tusk and defines him as “the horrible Eurocrat”. The tabloids, which are usually nationalistic and conservative, join the choir against the EU leader. Among “quality” newspapers, the “Telegraph” makes some irony in a vignette showing Tusk led to hell by a devil forewarning him that “the deepest pit is for small arrogant hypocrites”. The papers that defend the president of the European Council are the “Times” and the “Guardian”. The “Times” justifies Tusk’s words by saying they must have been uttered out of frustration and that they came from his heart. The Brussels correspondent of the newspaper writes that “Tusk speaks on behalf of the 27 European leaders and is perfectly aware of the deep desperation that the British politicians’ inconsistency may have caused”. The “Guardian” opts for a different approach and lists the politicians who would have to endure the flames of hell if Tusk were right. First on the list is Boris Johnson, former minister of Foreign Affairs, one of the diehard supporters of Great Britain’s clear break with the European Union.

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