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European elections: Father Poquillon (COMECE), “democratic reform to allow citizens to regain political control”

foto SIR/Marco Calvarese

(Brussels) “Brexit, yellow vests, populist votes – these are all signs of malaise, of a life that spirals out of control, of a democratic system that we no longer control. According to St. Augustine ‘that which concerns all must be decided by all’. There is a need for a democratic reform, because democracy should not only be proclaimed but lived out, allowing citizens to regain control of the political sphere”. Father Olivier Poquillon (COMECE) reflected on the future of the EU three months ahead of the vote for the renewal of the European Parliament. “The Union may disappear if it loses its soul, if we do not perceive that it is there to serve citizens”, he said in an interview with SIR news agency. Indeed, “it is a peace project: without this common mechanism, which is not perfect and ought to be improved, we risk returning to national rivalries”. What would you tell young people to persuade them to vote? “Rather than telling something to young people, I believe we should talk with young people, because they have ideas. Not only are they tomorrow’s Europe, they are also today’s citizens who will hold Europe in their hands tomorrow. This is why I would tell them: go to vote, because it is your vote that will decide the next years”.



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