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EU Commission: Jourová, “necessary measures” to end irregularities in e-commerce

(Brussels) According to a screening carried out by the European Commission and national consumer protection authorities, 60% of 560 e-commerce sites in the EU “showed irregularities regarding the respect of EU consumer rules, predominately in relation to how prices and special offers are presented”. “Online shopping provides many opportunities for consumers”, said Commissioner for Justice and Consumers Věra Jourová. Irregularities in the advertising of prices and discounts “must stop as the consumers are often led to confusion and a higher price than intended”, Commissioner Jourová pointed out, adding that she was “appalled” by the high number of websites that have these problems. “I hope they are unintended”, she remarked, since “online traders need to fully respect EU consumer rules”. Indeed, she said, “National consumer authorities, with the assistance of the Commission, will now take the necessary steps to stop such unfair business practices”.

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