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Meeting in Vatican City on the protection of children: card. Marx (Munich), “never let children or young people be sexually abused again”

(Foto Siciliani-Gennari/SIR)

“The meeting opening in Vatican City today about the protection of children and young people in the Church is a milestone in the process of readjustment and commitment of the Church, so that children and young people may be protected from abuse in any part of the Church across the world”. It was the German cardinal Reinhard Marx, archbishop of Munich and president of the German Bishops’ Conference, that earlier today, before the opening of the meeting in the Hall, made a few statements to the press. “One of the goals must be for the bishops to understand that this is a challenge, which we all have to address within the Church and certainly within society as well”, went on the cardinal, who wished “the special meetings of these days may also give a new boost to the whole of society, so that children and young people may never be sexually abused again”. He repeatedly pointed out that “we must do all we can, work hard, to make this never happen again”. “We have already covered part of the road, we are not starting from scratch, but the situation is very different across the world”, reports the cardinal, who makes the example of Germany, where “we started to work hard in 2010. We know that the job is not finished yet”, “we must keep working hard for this child-protection programme to get stronger and continue”. “We really hope the Church may get a boost, a push, so that together, as bishops all over the world, may address this terrible evil that is sexual abuse” and that “something significant may happen for the whole of society as well”.

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