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COMECE: message for European elections. Bishops call on citizens to vote. Political choices to relaunch the “European project”

(Brussels) “We call on all citizens, young and old, to vote and engage during the run up and at the European elections”. This message comes from COMECE, the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community, which has published a “statement” today, 100 days before the European elections for the renewal of the European Parliament. “Rebuilding Community in Europe” is the title of the message in which the bishops insist on the “responsibility” that citizens have in deciding the next political direction. According to COMECE, chaired by Mgr. Jean-Claude Hollerich, Archbishop of Luxembourg, their vote “will condition the political decisions impacting on our day to day lives during the next 5 years”. The elections in May, the bishops wrote, “come at the right moment to make the political choices that will foster a renewed brotherhood amongst people, relaunching the European project”.



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