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Brexit: headlines on British papers the day after Westminster’s vote

The Conservative papers salute yesterday’s vote in Westminster as a great victory, while the more neutral, leftist press mentions all the problems found by the Prime Minister, who will be going back to Brussels with few expectations. The morning after the approval of Brady’s amendment to “plan B” for Brexit, giving Theresa May a new, almost impossible, mandate to renegotiate the agreement with the EU about Brexit, the British papers express different opinions. The banner headline on the “Daily Mail”, the second best-selling tabloid, cries “Theresa’s triumph”. “She did it! Now it is up to the EU”, the “Daily Express”, another very popular newspaper, echoes it. Completely different is the approach of “The Guardian”, the quality newspaper of the Left party, the banner headline of which goes like this: “May goes back to Brussels but the EU says: “Nothing has changed”. According to the newspaper, the Prime Minister gave in to the Brexit hawks, who do not tolerate the backstop, the plan that would keep open the border, in Northern Ireland, that will be the last physical boundary left between the EU and the United Kingdom after Brexit. On an even more pessimistic note is the “Financial Times”, the newspaper that is most widely read by the financial elites all over the world. Under the headline “May’s decision to rewrite the Brexit agreement sets her on Brexit collision course with Brussels”, the newspaper mentions all the problems that will be raised by the road that Westminster took yesterday.



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