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Brexit: Theresa May’s government tested by the vote. The problem of the border between Northern Ireland and Dublin still to be solved

(London) Theresa May will uphold an amendment to the legislation for Great Britain’s departure from the European Union, asking for the so-called “backstop”, a safety plan to avoid barriers and checks on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, to be replaced with “alternative options”.  In just a few hours, Westminster’s MPs will be voting on the so-called “plan B”, the prime minister’s new option for Great Britain’s departure from the EU. Tonight, at 8 pm, Italian time, the same MPs who two weeks ago had defeated, with a majority of 230 votes, the agreement reached by the Prime Minister with the European Union will pass their opinion again. The author of the amendment upheld by Theresa May is the Conservative politician Graham Brady; the amendment gives the Prime Minister the option to go back to Brussels and ask for concessions about that controversial border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland that would be the last frontier left between the European Union and the United Kingdom after Brexit. The government also announced it will issue a new plan for those citizens who want to enter the United Kingdom in the event of a “no deal” Brexit, a break with no agreements with the EU, after 29th March 2019. For a transitional period, EU citizens will be able to enter Great Britain as tourists and to work or study, as it happens now, but after three months they will have to apply for a “European short-term residence permit” that would last three years.



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