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EU Parliament: 4 months ahead of voting, new website with ABCs of May elections

(Brussels) Four months ahead of the European elections scheduled from 23 to 26 May 2019, the European Parliament has unveiled a new website detailing how to vote in each Member State or from abroad. “The website – a statement explains – is designed to help people find all relevant information they need in one place”. The tool, at the service of European voters, also provides information on when and how to vote, on the European Parliament’s composition and role, and on country-specific electoral systems. The national voting rules for each country “are explained in a Q&A format, including information on voting day, voting age, registration deadlines, documents needed to register to vote as well as thresholds for political parties or total number of MEPs to be elected per country and links to the websites of national electoral authorities”. The website also offers information on how to vote from abroad (whether from another EU country or from a third country). This might be particularly relevant, for instance, for some 3 million EU citizens residing in the UK. The website also contains a “question and answer” section on the European Parliament, the lead candidates and what happens after the elections; and information on how citizens can get involved in raising awareness of the elections themselves.

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