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20th anniversary of the euro: Draghi (ECB), “tangible embodiment of European integration”

(Strasbourg) “The euro is the most tangible embodiment of European integration, which our citizens meet every day. It is right, therefore, to celebrate this anniversary, here, with the delegates directly elected by all our citizens”. This was stated by Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, in Strasbourg, during the ceremony that celebrates two decades in the life of the single currency. “Ensuring economic prosperity and long-term stability is a shared challenge, which it is better to face together. We are stronger together”, Draghi went on. “With the single market, we have a powerful driver of growth to sustain our living standards. The euro has protected the integrity of the single market. Nowadays, our economies are integrated to a point that was unimaginable when the euro was planned”. The president of the ECB pointed out that the single currency “has produced two decades of stable prices”, thus supporting “people’s confidence in the value of their savings, which is one of the prerequisites for prosperity. Based on such confidence, companies invest and create new jobs”. Today, “most challenges are global and can only be faced together. It is such union that enhances the countries’ ability to keep their sovereignty on relevant issues, the sovereignty which would otherwise go lost in this global world”.


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