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Brexit: European Parliament accepts British Chequers statement and White Paper, ”a step forward in establishing new relations”

The Brexit group at the European Parliament, coordinated by Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt, “accepts the British Chequers statement and White Paper as a step forward in establishing new relations between the UK and the EU, when Great Britain will no longer be a member state”. This can be read in a notice issued after a meeting of the MEPs in charge of supervising the Brexit process, which yesterday reviewed the paper submitted by the British Government at the Chequers meeting on July 6th, in the run-up to final Brexit talks. In this case, the Brexit group accepts the option that future relations between the EU and the UK “will come in the form of a partnership”, something that Parliament had already proposed a long time ago, as it provides “sound foundations within a consistent governance organisation”. As well as insisting that “the negotiation of a new after-Brexit relationship with the United kingdom shall be conditional on the United Kingdom’s tidy withdrawal from the EU based on a withdrawal agreement”, the Brexit group asked the UK to explain “as soon as possible” the British position on the so-called “back stop” for the Northern Ireland/Ireland border, which “must not erect a physical border and must protect the wholeness of the single market”. The UK was also asked to explain the “dispute settlement” and EU citizen registration systems, which shall abide by “the indivisible principles of the four freedoms” (free movement of capital, goods, services and people) and the wholeness of the single market.

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