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Pope Francis: to ambassadors, “challenge the globalisation of indifference”

“The overarching goal of all diplomatic activity” must be “development, the integral development of each person, man and woman, children and the elderly alike, and the development of nations within a global framework of dialogue and cooperation in the service of the common good”. Pope Francis said this today as he received in audience in the Clementine Hall the ambassadors of Tanzania, Lesotho, Pakistan, Mongolia, Denmark, Ethiopia and Finland on the occasion of the presentation of their letters of credence. “No one can ignore our moral responsibility to challenge the globalisation of indifference – he added – that all too often looks the other way in the face of tragic situations of injustice calling for an immediate humanitarian response”. “Among the most pressing humanitarian issues facing the international community today is the need to welcome, protect, promote and integrate those who flee from war and hunger or are forced to leave their homelands because of discrimination, persecution, poverty and environmental degradation”, the Pope continued: “Notwithstanding the complexity and delicacy of the political and social issues involved, individual nations and the international community are called to contribute as best they can to the work of pacification and reconciliation through decisions and policies marked above all by compassion, foresight and courage”.



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