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EU-Western Balkans: 17th May summit hit all Bulgarian headlines. “Balkan leaders in Sofia without great expectations”


(Sofia) It’s just two days to the summit between the EU and the Western Balkans that on May 17th will bring to Sofia the heads of State and Government of the EU and of the 6 Balkan countries that are about to join the European Union. “The leaders of the Western Balkans are coming to Sofia without great expectations”, this is the headline that Bulgarian newspaper Dnevnik writes about the Sofia summit, in which it looks at the situation in the Balkan countries through the comments of several local analysts. “An important meeting for the EU, for the Western Balkans and for Bulgaria, evidence of common political goals and fates”, the newspaper says. In a similar tone is “Nova” TV’s reportage that emphasises connectivity, the summit’s theme, instead. This is echoed by “24 chasa”, which states: “The EU announcing a Sofia programme for the Balkans” and reveals that all guest countries confirmed they will be coming, something that shouldn’t have been taken for granted because of the reservations of some members that did not recognise Kosovo, mainly Spain. “24 chasa” adds that precisely in the Bulgarian capital “the European leaders will decide on the treaty with Iran and on potential duties on some US products, such as jeans and engines”. “Standard” quotes instead Minister Lilyana Pavlova, according to whom “the 17th May meeting will make history”. The editor’s article in the weekly “Kapital” is focussed on the summit, which is called “The day the presidency will end”. “This issue is very important, this is the highlight in Bulgaria’s presidency, it is the political pinnacle, the epilogue of the Government’s efforts”.



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