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Serbia: Subotica, interreligious meeting. Frere Gruber, “We want to prove daily dialogue is possible”


“United in diversity – let’s cheer up with the gifts of others”: today, with that title, in the meeting room of the municipality of Subotica, the representatives of the Churches and the traditional denominations of the Serbian city are holding a meeting. The event was set up by Father Dragan Stokin, the Serbian Orthodox Church, Frere Zdenko Gruber (guardian of the Franciscan Convent of Subotica), the Catholic Church, and Robert Sabadosh, President of the Jewish communities in Serbia, together with President of the Islamic community Uzairi Ibazer. Guest of honour: Frere Richard from the Taizé community, who will be giving a lecture on the subject. This meeting is part of a series of interreligious events starting a few years ago, with the slogan “God and the Sons of Abraham”. “It is a bottom-up initiative, if we may call it like that”, said Frere Zdenko Gruber to SIR, “to promote dialogue among different Christian denominations and religions, pointing out that dialogue is possible and necessary, now more than ever before”. In his opinion, these events help us “to know each other better, to share the joy or pain of others without facing religion disputes not leading to any agreement”. Frere Gruber says that in Subotica (one of the main cities of Vojvodina, the Serbian Autonomous Province with Catholic majority), 70% of the population is Catholic, while the Orthodox are 25.5%. “Apart from these official meetings, we keep daily contacts with the brothers of others denominations or religions, in order to help each other, and we attend the different festivities “.



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