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Migration: EU Commission, 685 thousand asylum applications in 2017. “Common commitment” to face the problem

(Brussels) “The progress made since last November, due to our remarkable common commitment to manage migration in a global way is illustrated in today’s report on migration”, said first Vice President of the Commission Frans Timmermans, while commenting the document of the Commission made known in Brussels. “We must keep up with this progress and work hard to make further steps forward, maybe also reaching an agreement on the reformation of the asylum system. Some of those actions are really pressing, such as honouring the commitments taken by member States with reference to their financial contributions. Migration management is still a remarkable priority for our citizens, and we will be able to be up to it just thanks to a really global and collective commitment”. In the report, it is pointed out that “with 205 thousand illegal crossings in 2017, arrivals in the EU went down by 28% with respect to 2014, the year before the crisis”. However, “pressure over national migration systems was still high (though diminishing), with 685 thousand applications filed in 2017”.

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