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Germany: Caritas asks for ceasefire in Syria, with humanitarian corridors to bring aids to the population

Caritas Germany reports once again the fact that the parties that are at war in Syria “do not want to find agreement on a ceasefire or let humanitarian corridors set in”. According to the president, Peter Neher, it’s a “barbarity” that “the humanitarian organisations are denied access to people who are physically and mentally exhausted, and that the rescuers are sometimes attacked themselves”. According to the figures provided by Caritas, which has reached about 13 million people with different forms of aids since the start of war in 2011, 5.5 million people have fled the country, most of whom are now refugees in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. They are worried though for the “three million people who are currently living in besieged or inaccessible regions that are cut off from all aids”. Caritas does not uphold appeals for the refugees to go back home, because insecurity is still high and young people who come back might “be forced to join the militias and fight”. A lot has been destroyed: in the cities, such as Aleppo, not only houses and streets, but the waterworks and electric systems have been destroyed too. “Reconstruction would be a huge challenge even in times of peace”, and that’s still far away. The president of Caritas Germany will go to Syria with a delegation in the next few weeks.

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