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EU Commission: European consumer protection, toys, clothes and cars recalled from the market

(Brussels) European stores and supermarkets selling nonconforming goods; “imprudent” online buys; health and safety risks: today, the European Commission published a report on the rapid alert system for dangerous products 2017. It turned out that the national authorities used the rapid alert system more often, reporting over two thousand dangerous products. “Top of the list of dangerous products found and recalled – the report states – are toys, such as several versions of the ubiquitous stress-busting fidget spinners, cars and motorbikes”. Over one half of the recalled products come from China, a quarter from other European countries. Consumer commissioner Vera Jourová comments: “European consumer protection regulations make sure only safe products are sold in the EU. However, when this does not happen, the rapid alert system helps the authorities respond quickly and recall any potentially harmful product”. The 2,201 reports that have been sent triggered almost 4 thousand follow-up procedures, such as recalls. The type of products that was most often reported in 2017 was “toys” (29%), followed by “cars” (20%) and “clothes, textiles and fashion” (12%). As to risks, the risk most often reported in 2017 was the risk of injuries (28%), followed by chemical risks (22%).

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