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EU Parliament: daylight saving time, costs and benefits. Strasbourg asks Commission to conduct “thorough assessment” of 2001 Directive

Strasburgo: una veduta dell'emiciclo dell'Europarlamento

(Strasbourg) The twice-yearly switch between summer and winter time will not be abolished, but MEPs call for its “revision”. Indeed, the European Parliament passed a resolution today at the end of its plenary session in Strasbourg calling for such revision to take place. The non-legislative resolution, backed by the northern countries, says that the public is “concerned about the bi-annual clock change” marking the start and end of summertime, which currently takes place the last weekend in March and October. “Numerous studies have failed to reach a conclusive outcome, but indicate negative effects on human health”. This is why MEPs (with 384 votes in favour, 153 against, and 12 abstentions on the resolution today) call on the Commission to conduct a “thorough assessment” of the summer-time arrangements Directive and, if necessary, to table a “proposal to revise it”. MEPs also reiterated that it is “essential to maintain a unified EU time regime”. The current summer-time arrangements Directive, which entered into force in 2001, provides a harmonised date and time for the beginning and end of the summer-time period across the EU, “with the aim of helping the internal market to function effectively”.

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