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Portugal: Catholic Doctors’ Association, no to bill of law to make euthanasia legal

“The recent bill of law, submitted last Saturday February 3rd by the Leftist union (Bloco de Esquerda) to make euthanasia legal in Portugal, will seriously affect the doctor-patient relationship and will destroy medicine itself”. This was written earlier today by the Portuguese Catholic Doctors’ Association (Amcp) in a release, in which it states that “there is no ethical legitimacy in approving a law the enforcement of which will create general mistrust in the doctor-patient relationship, because the power to cause or bring forward someone’s death, even at the patient’s request, is against medicine itself, it’s a power that cannot but destroy medicine”. The association, which in the public debate has repeatedly opposed to the legitimisation of euthanasia, also decries the expected involvement of doctors in a Committee for the assessment of early death processes. “Admitting that doctors may support or be involved in a death-causing decision to remove pain is by no means acceptable”, Amcp writes in its release. Under no circumstance “can euthanasia or assisted suicide be considered a medical deed, since they are not meant to soothe or treat a disease but to put an end to a patient’s life”.

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