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Anglicans: London, General Synod on Communion with Methodists starting February 8th

A potential, almost certain, fusion with Methodists, the new test that could lead to complete removal of Down children, and the procedure for appointment of Anglican bishops that, according to some, is too secret and might lead to let the ethnical minorities out. Along with the state of the British National Health System, these are the items on the agenda of the General Synod of the Church of England, due to take place in the historical premises of the “Church House”, a few steps from Westminster, from Thursday, February 8th, to Saturday, February 10th. Top of the agenda is the potential communion with the Methodist brothers, the followers of that John Wesley who, with an unprecedented movement, wanted to reform the Anglican Church in the seventeenth century. If the lay, the pastors and the bishops, the three committees that make up the central board of the English State Church, welcome the “Mission and ministry in covenant” document, the recognition of Anglican bishops by Methodists, and the recognition of Methodist ministers by Anglicans, will get closer. The English Methodist Church, which has lost over one third of its members in the last twelve years, would thus be led by a bishop chosen by the Anglican hierarchy, instead of a president, as it happens now.

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