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Anglicans: don O’Toole (Bishops Conference of England and Wales), dialogue with Methodists “could evolve into a three-way dialogue”

Dialogue between Anglicans and Methodists, which could make further progress at the General Synod of the Church of England, “could evolve into a three-way dialogue, with a committee made up of Catholics, Anglicans and Methodists and not just two of such Churches, as it happens now”. Don John O’Toole, spokesman for ecumenism for the Bishops Conference of England and Wales, hopes “the discussion, within the board that governs the English State Church, is not all about the option of a compromise with mutual give-and-take, but also about how we can get richer by exchanging gifts”. “For instance, Methodists can provide Anglicans, and Catholics too, with the tradition of taking any decision through an assembly, while in the Catholic Church, as well as in the Anglican Communion, a key role is played by bishops”, don O’Toole explains. According to Kevin McDonald, the archbishop in charge of the interreligious dialogue section for the Bishops Conference of England and Wales and the former secretary of the Commission for Dialogue between Methodists and Catholics, “if the agreement involved a transitional period, during which the Sacraments would be administered without Bishops, then this would be a problem for the Catholic Church”.

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