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Cop24: Guterres (UN), “political more will and more far-sighted leadership” are needed

“We are failing climate change”. This is UN secretary general Antonio Guterres speaking in his opening address at COP24, the conference on climate in Katowice this morning. “We are nowhere near where we need to be, nor do we move fast enough to prevent irreversible and catastrophic climate disruption”, or “take advantage of the huge social, economic and environmental opportunities of climate action”, Guterres said as he delivered his four “plain messages”: science requires a remarkably more ambitious response; the Paris Agreement provides a framework for action, so we must put it in place; we are all jointly responsible for making investments to prevent global climatic chaos, strengthening the financial commitments undertaken in Paris and assisting the more vulnerable communities and nations; climate action is an engaging way to change our world for the better. “Political more will and more far-sighted leadership” are needed. Because “this is the challenge on which this generation’s leaders will be judged”. Therefore, “political impetus from the highest levels”, “inclusivity”, “full-scale mobilization of young people”, “a global commitment to gender equality, because women’s leadership is central to durable climate solutions”, are needed. “It will be a difficult negotiation”, ended Guterres who urged everyone to “let us rise to the challenge and finish the work the world demands of us”.



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