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Spain: Card. Osoro (Madrid), “Mary, teach us to live as brothers and sisters, to be a dwelling place for God and to build a world for everyone”

The homily delivered by Cardinal Carlos Osoro, Archbishop of Madrid, during the celebration marking the Feast of Our Lady of the Almudena, patroness of Madrid, which started at 11am at “Plaza Mayor” (Madrid’s main square), focused on three requests to Mary. “Eradicate discord from our hearts” was the first: “teach us to live as brothers and sisters. We are different, God has given each of us gifts that we are called to put at the service of others”. Today, “in this Plaza Mayor, the meeting place for Madrilenians and for all those who visit the city, we thank you for reminding us that we are brothers and sisters because we are children of God”.
“Teach us to be a dwelling place for God in the journey of all men and women”, the second request made by Card. Osoro: “You are our Mother, grant that we may be surprised and that we surprise others. How? When we do not seek anything for ourselves, but we always strive to restore dignity to those with whom we interact, helping those who need it the most. Only then are we giving a face to God. Think of so many people, Christian communities, parishes, priests, men and women religious, consecrated persons in general, lay Christians, children, young and elderly people, and men and women of good will who, perhaps, have not yet been conquered by Jesus Christ, but are looking for the image of God Himself in those surrounding them. And Madrid is full of these good people, dear brothers and sisters”.
Finally, the third request: “Teach us to build this world for all”. The Archbishop mentioned the many meetings he had with mothers who suffer for their children, due to many reasons such as sickness, drug addiction, lack of work, and also death. And he added: “Mothers here in Madrid have taught me to read the Gospel with the eyes of Mary, to discover how we can build a world that cares for everyone, especially for those who are most in need”. Mary “trusted in God and this made her live these attitudes: surprise, living in faithfulness, awareness that He is her strength”.
Then Card. Osoro expressed the following hope: “May poverty, weakness, need, humility and simplicity inspire us to love, may they surprise us so that we do good to others and seek the best for them”.


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