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Council of Europe: Congress of Local and Regional Authorities, “integrity and ethical behaviour of elected representatives”

This week, the Council of Europe will be holding the 35th Session of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities (6-8 November) which will focus on the theme of “Integrity and ethical behaviour of local and regional elected representatives”. Reports will be presented on conflicts of interest at local and regional level, and discussion will focus on transparency and the revision of the Code of Conduct for All Persons Involved in Local and Regional Governance. Other topics for discussion will be the “voting rights at local level as a factor of the successful long-term integration of migrants and displaced persons in European municipalities and regions”; “border regions facing the migration phenomenon”; “the financial difficulties that local authorities face”; and “how to reconcile territorial solidarity and regional self-government”. The Congress will take a closer look at the situation of democracy in Lithuania, Slovenia and Georgia. The Session will also renew appointments to the Congress: which is why the outgoing president, Ms Gudrun Mosler-Törnström, will take stock of the activities of the Congress during her two-year term in office. Among the items on the agenda is a discussion on the proposed reform of the functioning of the Congress and the revision of its Statutory Charter. The weekly agenda of the Council of Europe also includes a conference on “Addressing hate speech in the media: the role of regulatory authorities and the judiciary” (Zagreb, 6-7 November), while the drug policy experts of the Pompidou Group will be holding a training course on drug treatment and HIV prevention in Kiev (5-9 November).

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