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EU Commission: “still good economic times, but need for reforms, investment and debt reduction”

Bruxelles, 21 novembre: la conferenza stampa di Valdis Dombrovskis, Marianne Thyssen, Pierre Moscovici

(Brussels) “The 2019 European Semester cycle of economic and social policy coordination begins against a backdrop of sustained but less dynamic growth in a climate of high uncertainty. A lot has been achieved since 2014 but more must be done to support inclusive and sustainable growth and job creation while enhancing the resilience of Member States’ economies”. These first opinions come from the EU Commission, which presented its European Semester “Autumn Package” today. “At EU level, this demands taking the decisions required to further strengthen the Economic and Monetary Union. At national level, there is a pressing need to use the current growth momentum to build up fiscal buffers and reduce debt”. Valdis Dombrovskis, vice president of the Commission, said: “Europe is in good economic times, but rising risks indicate that this will not last forever. EU countries need well-targeted investments and renewed reform efforts to strengthen their growth fundamentals and increase productivity. On the budgetary policy side, it is time to reduce public debt levels and rebuild fiscal buffers. This will give us the room for manoeuver we’ll need when the next downturn comes. Now is also the time to make progress on deepening Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union”.


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