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2019 elections: EU Parliament, website for citizens. “What Europe Does For Me”

(Strasbourg) “Bringing citizens closer to European institutions”, by explaining “in the simplest possible way what the European Union does” for young people, workers, social categories, enterprises, territories, and local authorities. This is the main objective of the interactive, multilingual website “What Europe Does For Me” (, developed by the Research Service of the European Parliament and presented today in Strasbourg by the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani. “Europeans ask what the EU has done for them. This new website – Tajani stated – provides clear, jargon-free answers. It will be a valuable tool in bringing Europe closer to its citizens”. The website contains hundreds of short articles providing examples of the positive difference that the EU makes to people’s lives. The 1,800 articles that are already on the website (that will constantly be reviewed and updated) are divided into two main sections. The first section, “In my region”, “allows users to select the place where they and their family live or work”, the EP Press Service explains. “How is Europe present in our towns, cities and regions? This section covers over 1,400 localities in every part of the European Union”.
The second section of the website, “In my life”, lets each user select from 400 articles that are “important” to them as European citizens. For example, how does the EU affect families, healthcare, hobbies, travel, security, consumer choices and social rights? How does the EU support people in their professional lives in dozens of jobs? What has the EU done for people who enjoy leisure activities such as sport, music or watching television?”. A series of podcasts in a growing number of languages is also available for this section.

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