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Bosnia and Herzegovina: faithful in Drvar with no church since 1948. Parish priest organises fundraising

Il parroco, don Davor Klecina

Without a church since 1948 to present day – this is the situation in the parish of Saint Joseph in Drvar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, located in the western part of the country, in the territory of the Diocese of Banja Luka. The church building, destroyed during Communist times, has not yet been rebuilt despite the many efforts of the parish priest, Fr. Davor Klecina, because the municipal authorities do not allocate land for the construction of a new church. In 2017, the Apostolic Nuncio, Mgr. Luigi Pezzuto, visited Drvar twice, and even the local Bishop, Mgr. Franjo Komarica, has had numerous meetings with the authorities who had promised to allocate, by the end of September last year, three plots of land for the construction of the new church. Parish priest Father Klecina, in his meeting with Mgr. Komarica, voiced the determination of his parishioners to have a church where they can pray; this is their right also under the freedom of religion law. Mass is currently celebrated in a hall in the city centre. Given the refusal of the authorities to cooperate, parish priest Fr. Klecina has obtained permission from the Bishop, Mgr. Komarica, to start a fundraising campaign to buy the land already identified for the construction of the parish church. Most of the city’s Catholic faithful are war-displaced persons from the centre of the country.

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