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Pope Francis: audience, Villavicencio “culmination”, “peace is founded on the blood of the witnesses”

foto SIR/Marco Calvarese

“The day especially dedicated to the theme of reconciliation, culminating moment of the whole trip, was held in Villavicencio”, the Pope said recalling the highlights of his trip to Colombia during his general audience catechesis today. “In the morning there was the great Eucharistic celebration, with the beatification of the martyrs Jesús Emilio Jaramillo Monsalve, bishop, and Pedro María Ramírez Ramos, priest; in the afternoon, the special Liturgy of Reconciliation, symbolically oriented towards the Christ of Bocayá, with no arms or legs, mutilated like his people”, Pope Francis told the 13,000 faithful present. “The beatification of the two martyrs plastically reminded us that peace is also, and perhaps above all, founded on the blood of many witnesses to love, to truth, to justice, and even of real martyrs, killed for their faith, like the two I have just mentioned”, the Pontiff said, who then revealed: “As I listened to their biographies, I was moved to tears: tears of sorrow and joy together. In front of their relics and their faces, the holy faithful people of God felt a strong identity, with pain, thinking about the many, too many victims, and with joy, for God’s mercy is on those who fear Him”. “Mercy and truth shall meet; righteousness and peace shall kiss each other”, the Pope said, quoting Psalm 85, which “contains the prophecy of what took place last Friday in Colombia; God’s grace and prophecy for that wounded people, that they may rise and walk in newness of life. We have seen these prophetic words full of grace embodied in the stories of the witnesses, who spoke on behalf of so many who, from their wounds, with the grace of Christ, have come out of themselves and have become open to the encounter, to forgiveness, to reconciliation”.

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