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Germany: Young Catholics Federation, daily calendar in the run-up to the election of September 24th

Advent in September? A sort of. Because, as from September 1st, the young members of the movements included in the Bdkj, the German Young Catholic Federation, have an easy way to enthusiastically get ready for the election to the Bundestag, due on September 24th. 24 days, basically like Christmas Advent. It is called Qwak, an acronym that stands for “spoilt for choice by the election Advent calendar”, the symbol being a frog offering food for thought and advice to young voters. At, the goal is of course to choose who to vote for, to the Bundestag. Because the aim is to go to the polls. So that’s why the ‘September 2nd’ box explains how to vote by mail. “Who chooses democracy does not choose racists!” is instead the motto that stood out on the ‘September 6th’ Qwak box, with a link organised by the Nuremberg anti-racist collective movement. The ‘September 7th’ box recommends instead to watch six 5-8 minutes’ films that tell how a young person’s life would be like if it were dictated by the programmes of the parties that are running for election: Green Party, Linke (Left), Freedom Party, Alternative for Germany, Social Democrats, Christian Democrats/Christian Social Party. And on September 8th the German St George Scout association handed out a brochure called “AfD-Alternative for Germany – No alternative for us”, in which the racist and xenophobic stances of the far right party are rejected.

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