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Austria: diocese of St. Pölten, 5 posters call to be “braver in living one’s faith”

The diocese of St. Pölten is holding a campaign of pastoral and evangelising posters for summer 2017. It was announced by the bishop, mgr. Klaus Küng, at a press conference in the cloister of St. Pölten’s basilica, today. As to the topic of the campaign, “Braver in living one’s faith, being a visible sign of the invisible God”, 5 different posters will spell out 5 different slogans: “I am the resurrection and the life”, “Who is like God!”, “Here is your mother!”, “You are a chosen people” and “The dwelling place of God is with men”. Mgr. Küng explained that “this year, we are called to be even braver in living our faith from the heart and even confessing it”. The summer campaign draws attention to the relationship between man and God: “The posters publicly show our faith and how it should be our guidance. Because – the bishop pointed out – our faith is part of our life, it is part of our country, it is a gift we have and must keep”. The posters tell that “God is the Lord of history, the Maker of heaven and earth”, Küng emphasised. For centuries, illustrations, photographs, paintings have remarkably supported a new experience of faith, “unfailingly the visible sign of the invisible God among people”, Florian Welzig, spokesman for the diocese, stated: the figurative language of the Bible will have a special place, so “the summer campaign will go on along this way – Welzig insists -; it is a deliberate display of this faith of ours in public places”.

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