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Serbia: Belgrade, meeting between Catholic and Orthodox priests in the cathedral of St Sava


An air of ecumenism can be breathed in Belgrade. This can be felt from the friendly welcome given to the Catholic priests of the archdiocese of Belgrade who, led by their archbishop, Stanislav Hocevar, visited the Cathedral of St Sava, the main Orthodox Cathedral. The Catholic priests had been invited by the Orthodox bishop, Arsenij – vicar of His Holiness, the Serbian patriarch Irenej – to mark the end of the lifelong educational centre of the archdiocese of Belgrade, led by the Croatian bishop of Pozega, mgr. Antun Škvorćević. In addition to the prelate, Arsenij, other Orthodox priests and deacons were at the meeting. The Catholic bishops and priests did not hide their enthusiasm at the kind and welcoming way they have been received by their brothers of the Serbian Orthodox Church. A thorough tour of the cathedral and crypt was followed by another moment of fraternal community, attended by another two Orthodox bishops – the bishop of Zagreb and Ljubljana – Porphyry, and the bishop of Pakrac – Jovan. This is the first meeting of the priests of the archdiocese of Belgrade with the priests and bishops of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Cathedral of St Sava, in Belgrade.


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