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Netherlands: publication of “Compendium on the new evangelisation”. Spruit (editor), “every believer’s role”

A “Compendium on the new evangelisation”, which includes the most important texts “in the last fifty years of the history of the Church, from the Second Vatican Council to Pope Francis”, is now available to the Dutch parishes. Published by the “Parish Centre for spirituality”, in its 150 pages the book tries to “answer the questions that often arise when we speak of new evangelisation: what is it? Is evangelising useful and necessary? Is the Gospel relevant to people nowadays? What is at its core?”, explains the editor, Miriam Spruit, “in the belief that the Gospel can still affect and change people’s lives today and that every believer has a role to play within evangelisation”. Mgr. Jan Liesen, bishop of Breda, writes in the foreword: “This Compendium explains what evangelisation is, and what’s new about it. It also provides ideas about what we can do. It is a handbook but it is also a starting point”, which may help “people, groups and parish communities”.


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