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Denmark: Bishop Kozon’s letter on Amoris laetitia. Special focus on remarried divorcees

“We would like this letter from the Pope to be in the hearts of our faithful: these are the words of a pastor to his community to encourage families and convince young people to the sacrament of marriage and to also show they understand the many challenges that marriage and family life must face”. This was written by the Bishop of Copenhagen, mgr. Czeslaw Kozon, in a letter to the Danish faithful after a discussion about the pastoral implications of the Amoris laetitia, which took place in the plenary meeting of the Bishops of the Nordic countries (Hamburg, 3-7 April). The Bishop goes back to the “widely discussed chapter (no. 8) of the letter”, which is about those situations in which someone, after a failed marriage, remarries in a civil ceremony. According to the Nordic Bishops, “the general guidelines laid down by a Bishops Conference are not always helpful in the many different contexts and do not always explain enough”. In the awareness that “the situation of remarried divorcees who cannot partake of the sacramental life of the Church is painful for many who are affected by it”, the Bishops want “to make them understand that they belong to the Church and the Church will not leave them alone”. That’s why the Bishops will keep reflecting on “how such suffering may be pastorally soothed in the light of the lesson of the Church about the indissolubility of marriage”. The contents of such statement will be announced by each Nordic Bishop in his own language.

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