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Brexit: Mr Coulter (London School of Economics), “negotiations at last. A good deal can be reached”

“A sigh of relief because the wait is over at last. This is how the news that Theresa May will trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty “on 29 March next week” will be received in the United Kingdom, but above all in Brussels. According to Steve Coulter, Fellow in the Political Economy of Europe at The London School of Economics, “the war of mutual accusations and speculations that has been going on since the referendum on 23 June last year – in which 52% of Britons voted to leave the EU – is finally over”, and “the real talks can now begin” to negotiate the divorce. Mr Coulter does not regard as credible the British Prime Minister’s threats to abandon the negotiating table if the deal is not good enough for the UK. “I believe that a good deal can only be reached if every politician involved behaves in a mature manner”, Mr Coulter told SIR news agency. “I hope that there will be close economic ties with our European partners, similar to those we have today, an amicable agreement on the bill that the UK will have to pay the EU, and a compromise on border control”. This will be the most thorny issue since “the UK government wants to control the influx of migrants”, who are ready to accept low-paid jobs and are – allegedly – taking jobs from British workers. “A deal may only be reached if the EU accepts this request”.

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