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EU: Treaties’ 60th anniv., “March for Europe” in Rome. “Call for change”. Stop nationalisms

On 25 March 2017, as the European community will be gathered in Rome to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Treaties of Rome that established the EEC and Euratom, “thousands of Europeans will flock to Rome to participate in the March for Europe 2017, thereby showing their support for the European project and calling for a re-launch of Europe’s political unity”. European citizens and civil society organisations will “express their will for a better, stronger and more united Europe”. The event is promoted by the Union of European Federalists; the Young European Federalists; the Spinelli Group; the International European Movement; and Stand Up for Europe, together with a broad network of organizations from all over Europe. The March for Europe aims to be “an appeal for unity”, a call on “European governments and citizens to remain united, overcome national divisions, resist the temptations of populism and nationalism, and to believe” in the European project. The March for Europe is also, “and above all, a call for change in Europe. In a rapidly changing world that is calling into question Europe’s foundations of wellbeing and prosperity, the EU can no longer stay put in the face of the attacks of populists and nationalists of all kinds. Europe needs to regain the trust of its citizens, to rekindle the passion in its youth and to rebuild a shared vision for a better future for all Europeans”. To this end, the European Union “needs less rhetorical statements and more action. It needs instruments and resources to deliver on its promises to citizens. And it needs more political and economic integration”. More information at

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