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CCEE Youth Symposium: educational aid in 12 points to “accompany young people in today’s Europe”

An educational aid in twelve points has been drafted in preparation for the Symposium on young people organised from 28 to 31 March in Barcelona by the Council of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe (CCEE) in cooperation with the Spanish Bishops’ Conference and the Archdiocese of Barcelona. The event, entitled “He walked by their side” (Lk 24:15). Accompanying young people to freely respond to Christ’s call”, will be attended by about 250 participants including bishops and people from the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe with responsibility for pastoral care in the areas of school, university, catechesis, youth and vocations, who will exchange views on the accompaniment of young people with the aid of the booklet. The Symposium in Barcelona aims to “seek ways of engaging with and confronting the current situation in Europe as we accompany young people after the manner of Jesus with the disciples on the way to Emmaus”. There are therefore 12 points that the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe intend to discuss: Jesus and the accompaniment; Christian enthusiasm and the will of God; Difference and relationship; Identity and life; Community and family; Family and Church; Hope and fullness of life; Joy and life; Young people and their vocabularies; Accompanying and Holy Spirit; Examination of conscience and testimony; and Evangelization and Christ. The aid document poses several questions for each point to stimulate discussion and seek answers also in preparation for the Synod on young people and vocations scheduled for October 2018. The document is the result of extensive consultation. In September 2015, a committee made up of representatives of five pastoral areas (catechesis, school, university, youth, and vocations) met in Malta and drew up a document which was then discussed during the first half of 2016 in separate meetings with the national delegates of the five areas. As many as possible of their comments were then integrated in the final document, drawn up in Madrid by another small committee representing the five pastoral areas.

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