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Germany: Catholic-Lutheran bilateral study on anthropology and ethics “God and human dignity”

The Joint Study Group “Bilag III”, composed of members of the German Bishops’ Conference (DBK) and the United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany, have released their third paper on the multiannual process of dialogue on anthropology and ethical judgement. The study, entitled “God and human dignity”, was presented by the Bishop of Magdeburg Gerhard Feige and by the Lutheran Bishop of Schaumburg-Lippe, Karl-Hinrich Manzke, in their capacity as presidents of Bilag: “In our long and intense discussion, the conclusion was reached that there is general agreement on anthropology and commonality of views on ethics. In this case too, we are more united than divided”, said Bishop Feige, who is also the chairman of the Ecumenical Commission of the German Bishops’ Conference. “The differences that exist with regard to some individual ethical issues are highlighted as limited dissent in the study – Mgr. Feige said -, and fundamental are the similarities that confirm our shared responsibility for the protection of human dignity”. The paper published today is the fruit of 8 years of dialogue and is the third study that the bilateral group has compiled since 1976. “Also in light of the current socio-political debate, we would like, on the basis of the Biblical witness, to strengthen the common anthropological foundations of our Christian faith”, Bishop Manzke stressed.

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