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US Bishops: funding for 183 pastoral projects benefiting the Church in Latin America and the Caribbean. $3.2 million made available

(from New York) 183 pastoral projects in favour of the Church in Latin America and the Caribbean have received funding from the Subcommittee on the Church in Latin America of the US Bishops’ Conference, which has allocated 3.2 million dollars to sustain the faith of “many marginalized and vulnerable people, like migrants and victims of natural disasters”. In recent hears, instability in some areas of Latin America has resulted in an increased number of migrants from Venezuela, Colombia, and Haiti. To address this emergency, two of the largest projects sponsored are dedicated to those who have left their homeland and roots to flee persecution and poverty. Thanks to the grants, the Hermanas Misioneras de San Carlos Borromeo in Ecuador will be able to reach 1,500 people by providing conferences, retreats and spiritual support aimed at the integration of migrant families. The Archdiocese of Santiago in Chile will instead provide formation to 250 pastoral ministers, among them some migrants, for the evangelization of other migrants so that they may learn about their rights and how to defend themselves from accusations. Other grants have been allocated to Haiti for the reconstruction of three churches and some church buildings destroyed by Hurricane Matthew in 2016. Also a church razed to the ground in the 2010 earthquake will receive all the funds necessary for rebuilding. Other areas of funding include the formation of seminarians, consecrated men and women and lay leaders, in addition to grants for prison ministry, youth ministry, environmental justice, and specific ministry to indigenous and African-Americans. “As it proclaims the Gospel of joy, the Church is called to develop ministries to all those in need, whether materially or spiritually”, said Mgr. Eusebio Elizondo, Bishop of Seattle and President of the Subcommittee on the Church in Latin America.

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