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Germany: “Bonifatiuswerk” campaign in support of minority Catholic communities in the country

The Missionary Association for Germany “Bonifatiuswerk” has launched a national campaign against the Christian diaspora. The initiative was unveiled these days in Erfurt, in the Diocese of Thuringia (former East Germany), a region in which the phenomenon of de-Christianisation and abjuration of the faith is very strong. Under the motto “No one should be alone in their faith, may our identity be a blessing”, the campaign is aimed at Catholics who live their faith in a minority situation in Germany, Scandinavia, and in the Baltic countries: on Sunday, 19 November, there will be a national collection in support of these areas. 149,500 Catholics currently live in the Diocese of Erfurt. The latter was founded in 1849 by the Catholic Association of Germany Bonifatiuswerk. It is based in Paderborn and is named after St Boniface, the Apostle of the Germans. It promotes the construction and renovation of churches, and supports the education and training of priests, and the pastoral care of children and young people. It helps people in need to find a job and plays a key role in rural communities with its “BONI buses”, which pick up Catholics and drive them to Mass. In his homily for the launching of the campaign, Bishop Ulrich Neymeyr of Erfurt stressed that the Bonifatiuswerk is “an important sign of solidarity and encouragement”: this is particularly true in Eastern Germany “where Catholics live as a minority and the majority has reservations about religion”.

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