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Pope Francis: to Diplomatic Corps, mercy “social value” for “a common commitment” to migrants

“I am convinced that for many people the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy was an especially fruitful moment for rediscovering mercy’s immense positive influence as a social value”. Pope Francis took stock of the Jubilee Year that has just ended in his address to the Diplomatic Corps in which he called for “a culture of mercy, based on the rediscovery of encounter with others: a culture in which no one looks at another with indifference or turns away from the suffering of our brothers and sisters. Only thus will it be possible to build societies that are open and welcoming towards foreigners and at the same time internally secure and at peace”. “This is all the more needed at the present time, when massive waves of migration continue in various parts of the world”, Pope Francis said. “I think in a special way of the great numbers of displaced persons and refugees in some areas of Africa and Southeast Asia, and all those who are fleeing areas of conflict in the Middle East”. The Pontiff then went on to mention “two important events convened by the United Nations” in 2016: the first World Humanitarian Summit and the Summit on Addressing Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants. “With regard to migrants, displaced persons and refugees, a common commitment is needed, one focused on offering them a dignified welcome”, Pope Francis stressed. This implies “respecting the right of every human being to emigrate to other countries and take up residence there while at the same time ensuring that migrants can be integrated into the societies in which they are received without the latter sensing that their security, cultural identity and political-social stability are threatened. On the other hand, immigrants themselves must not forget that they have a duty to respect the laws, culture and traditions of the countries in which they are received”.



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