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Netherlands: diocese of Den Bosch, “how can the parish be a home for young people?”

“How can our parish be a home for the young generations?”: this will be the topic of a workshop that the youth pastoral service of the Dutch diocese of Den Bosch will be holding for all the local communities in Nieuwkuijk on January 28th. “Young people may feel at home in the parish, but sometimes it takes great efforts”, the organisers explain, “above all to turn this experience into a routine in the life of the parish” and not be confined to those events that have been specifically planned for young people. Reflections will be kick-started by a speech by and talks with Leo Feijen, a historian and journalist with an extensive background in religious news, currently editor in chief of Kro-Ncrv, a Christian-inspired broadcaster. This will be followed by workshops, where participants can start to “innovatively” think and understand how parishes can be more attractive to young people and teenagers. At the end of the meeting, everyone will share the outcome and strategies.


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