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Austria: abjurations decreasing and returns to Catholic Church increasing

Concern for abjurations and ecclesial attention to keeping the doors of the church open for returning people will be, from now on, the main focus of the pastoral work and efforts of the Austrian Church. These areas have been emphasised by the publication of the latest statistics about the state of the Catholic Church in Austria and the surveys of each diocese. The number of people who abjured decreased in 2016 from 2015, with a 3% increase and a trend that is more or less the same in every diocese, where in Eisenstadt, St. Pölten, Feldkirch alone there has been a slight rise in the number of devotees who have left the Church. While everywhere the number of people returning to the church has slightly increased, with a total of 567 devotees using their right to revoke their abjuration. That number of people who voluntarily join the Catholic Church again adds up to the number of people who are christened as adults (over 14 years of age), whose official statistics are not available yet. The main factors for the slight decrease in the number of Catholics are however not just the ratio of people leaving to people joining the Church, but also the christenings-to-deaths ration and the excess of immigrants versus emigrants.


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