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Charlemagne Award: Da Cunha (CCEE), “testify the Gospel” to build up the common house”

According to Secretary General of CCEE Msgr. Duarte Da Cunha, a further element – “perhaps the crucial point” of the Pope’s speech in receiving the Charlemagne Award – is when the Pope “asks the Church and Christians to wonder what they can do for this Europe”, for continental integration, “in terms of their specific and original contribution”. It is expressly said by the Pope: “To the rebirth of a Europe weary, yet still rich in energies and possibilities, the Church can and must play her part”, “through the powerful yet simple presence of Jesus”. Da Cunha says: “The expression ‘strong and powerful’ is beautiful… Christians, the whole Church, are called to testify the Gospel once again. That is the task and the responsibility” of believers in today’s Europe, “tired and aging”, often divided, crossed by crises, difficulties, sentiments of narrow-mindedness. “In this faithful and renewed announcement of Christ – says the CCEE Secretary General – Europe may find its roots again, as well as a new eyes of hope for the future, that is, the new ‘dream’ the Pope is talking about in the last part of his speech”. “A young Europe, mother, taking care of the child – quoted Msgr. Da Cunha – of wounded brothers, the poor, lone people, migrants…”.

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