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Poland: “Night at the confessional” in 180 churches. “A merciful wait” for the Resurrected

“During Night at the confessional, we mean to reach out to those who are on the border between faith and the lack thereof”: don Grzegorz Adamski is the coordinator of the initiative, which involves 180 churches all over Poland, as well as the parish church of the Divine Mercy in Manchester, UK, all through Holy Week. “Night at the confessional is a merciful wait for anyone who wants to come back after having gone away in sin”, explains the prelate, who points out that the project, now in its seventh year, mainly attracts young people aged 16 to 35. The initiative is introduced by a media campaign on leaflets, posters with the opening hours of the churches, and guidebooks with explanations about the devotees’ preparation to be forgiven. Most churches are getting ready to stay open on Good Friday night, when penitents will be supported by the adoration of the Holy One and other devotees’ prayers. In addition, quite a few churches stayed open the previous nights as well, for instance in Kalisz where the director of a diocesan radio station, don Lukasz Skoracki, called the initiative “a pastoral service which is proving to be more and more effective over time”.

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