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Czech Republic: Bishop Cikrle speaks out against adoption of children by same-sex couples

(Bratislava) – “The gift of growing up in a family is not given to all children. But this fact cannot be used as an excuse for the enforcement of legislative changes that would permit the adoption of children by same-sex couples”, says Mgr. Vojtech Cikrle, president of the Council for the Family and the Council for Bioethics of the Czech Bishops’ Conference. His words represent a reaction to recent efforts to introduce the right for same-sex couples to adopt children into the Czech legal system. “The interest of a child must be crucial in the discussion about adoptions. Children are simply not suitable objects for any experiments of this kind”, adds Mgr. Cikrle. The Council for the Family has issued a statement on this topic, paying attention especially to the issue of human rights: “The right to raise and educate children does not belong to any human couple that may decide to do so… And if a homosexual couple demands the right to become parents of a child, nothing prevents this demand to be raised by any other constellation of people”. Representatives of several Catholic institutions and organizations speak out against the change of law on registered partnerships and support the attitude of the Council for the Family.

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