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Birth rate: 5 million babies in the EU. Record-breaking number in France. Oldest mothers in Italy (over 30)

Il calo delle nascite in Europa dagli anni '60 ad oggi

(Brussels) Over 5 million babies in one year, the 2014 statistics say; the average age of mothers having their first baby is growing, at about 29 years of age. This is the X-ray of Europe’s birth rate, as found by a survey that has been revealed today by Eurostat, the European Union’s statistic bureau. Exactly 5 million 132 babies were born in the 28 EU member states in 2014, versus 5 million 63 thousand in 2001. Among the member states, France is still the country with the highest birth rate, at 819 thousand, followed from far away by the United Kingdom (775 thousand), then by Germany (715 thousand, with a total population that is far larger than the French one), by Italy (501 thousand, with a total population that is similar to France’s). Then, Spain (426 thousand) and Poland (375 thousand, with a steeply shrinking birth rate). “On average, in the EU – the Eurostat experts explain –, the women who gave birth to their first child were 28.8 years old”. The youngest mothers in the EU are in Bulgaria (25.8 years old), the oldest ones in Italy (30.7 years old).

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