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Austria: Bishops’ appeal, “more resources to take in the migrants”. 41 thousand out of 90 thousand refugees taken care of by ecclesial agencies

While “more economic justice” is needed on a global scale, the wealthiest countries “should be more willing to share”, the Austrian Bishops wrote in a far-ranging release that today summarises the conclusions of their plenary assembly in Linz (7-10 March). The key issue: migration and refugees; the basic assumption: “The reasons that make people flee and migrate must be dealt with through solidarity”; the accusation: “Emergency aids and cooperation to development require more resources, which in Austria and in lots of other countries are much less than those set forth by the international treaties”. About 41 thousand of the 90 thousand refugees taken in by the country in 2015 have been supported in some way by ecclesial agencies. The integration process starts now, “and it plays on a mutual relationship” between those who take them in and those who have to accept, instead, the social values and “to adhere to the laws of the country in which they are taken in, while cooperating in the interest of both”. The state must “lay the grounds for this to happen”. As to the persecution of Christians, the Bishops, who mentioned the “brutal murder of the four nuns in Yemen”, denounce “the inexplicable silence” of Austria and the majority of the Western countries about the “widest persecution of Christians ever happened in history”. A report on the work completed by the Commission for the protection of victims of sex abuse was also presented in Linz.

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